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  • Did you know that 9 minutes a day is all the time you need to make a significant difference in your career and life? That’s what William Arruda and Ora Shtull say at CareerBlast. They’re issuing you a rousing challenge -- are you up for it?

    - Daniel H. Pink | Author of Drive and A Whole New Mind

  • Individually, William and Ora have built their success helping others expand theirs. As a team, they’re a dynamic duo they with a single-minded mission of activating professionals, and coaches to achieve success beyond their dreams.

    - Ed Modell | Past President International Coach Federation (ICF)

CareerBlast is for You

  • If you’re a talented professional who wants to speed up your career success.
  • If you’re not getting the support you need from your company to keep advancing.
  • If you’re savvy enough to know that those who take charge of their own careers and seek support are the ones who blast off.

We're Your CareerBlasters William & Ora


William Arruda and Ora Shtull met a decade ago at a coaching conference in Orlando. After a surprisingly short but deeply engaging conversation, they appointed themselves presidents of each other’s fan club.

What We Share

We’re passionate about helping motivated professionals achieve extraordinary success. We’re both authors, speakers and consultants to leaders of the world’s leading brands, like – American Express, PepsiCo, and LinkedIn.

What Sets Us Apart

Ora is a sought-after Executive Coach in New York City, having built a stellar reputation over 15+ years helping leaders thrive at their jobs, get promoted, and land on the “top most powerful” industry lists.

William has been credited with turning the concept of personal branding into a global industry and delivers personal and social branding keynotes all over the world (he says every gig begins in Queens - at JFK).

Why We're on a Joint Mission

Having worked with superstars, we know what creates the distinction between successful and uber-successful. Since not every professional has access to a costly coach, we created CareerBlast, a video platform and virtual coaching program for high achievers to power their own careers.

Watch It: Inspirational Video Nuggets

These two-minute video blasts from Ora and William share a career killing trap then challenge you with a nine-minute career-boosting activity. Act on them and watch your career soar.

In Our Latest Vlog

Who are you hanging with?

Your professional success is hugely influenced by who you hang with.

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Own It: Step by Step Success Boosters

  • Ace Your Annual Review

    What to do — and say — before, during, and after your performance review!

    ACE YOUR ANNUAL REVIEW teaches you what to do — and say — before, during, and after your performance review, so that you ace it. In addition to a 9-minute video, you’ll get a comprehensive playbook with templates, prep forms, formulas, and even a cheat sheet for the big day.