Are you waiting for your boss to deliver your annual review? Don't!

When it comes to driving your career, waiting passively for your boss to deliver your annual review will put you in the back seat. If you want the highest rating, you must become an assertive participant in your annual review.

Learn how to ace your annual review, with a proven play-by-play system, used by rapidly-rising professionals who are being recognized and rewarded.

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Ace Your Annual Review

Ace Your Annual Review: Playbook & Video

ACE YOUR ANNUAL REVIEW teaches you what to do — and say — before, during, and after your performance review, so that you ace it. In addition to a 9-minute video, you’ll get a comprehensive playbook with templates, prep forms, formulas, and even a cheat sheet for the big day.

Help Me Ace It!

“So many things were so helpful and applicable, but the 3-part prep formula for your annual review is BRILLIANT!”

MoriahDigital Project Manager, Sanky Communications

“You can also use the tips in ACE YOUR ANNUAL REVIEW in-between performance review cycles to even more proactively manage your career!”

AdamDirector, Marketing Evolution

“I love how the Playbook goes hand-in-hand with the video. It made it so easy for the material to sink in. I applied it in my performance review, and it definitely made a difference in the feedback I got from my manager.”

JoyMember Advocate, Collective Health

When you ACE YOUR ANNUAL REVIEW, you'll…

  • Be Acknowledged
  • Know how to course-correct
  • Refine your career goals
  • Make your boss your biggest advocate
  • Stand out from your passive peers
  • Get promoted faster

Don't Settle For Average

Learn the 3 key steps to own, drive, and ace your annual review.